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  • The Truth About The 6 Perils, And How Each One Can Destroy Your Progress If You Don’t Address It Immediately. (Page 11 lays it all out!)
  • How The First Peril Is Responsible For A Foundation Of Failure, Undermining All Of Your Efforts… Before You Even Step In The Gym! (On Page 15, I reveal the dirty reality that nobody wants to talk about)
  • The Second Peril’s “Konami Code” Construct, And How It Actually Stops You From Doing What’s Important. (Jump to Page 24 to find out why!)
  • The Mysterious Third Peril, And How It Reverses The Clock On Your Results… Leaving You Back Where You Started! (Page 32 shows you why this happens)
  • How Our Modern Society Has Constructed The Fourth Peril (And What To Do To Defend Yourself From It!) (Page 34 explains the ‘ADHD’ Peril in depth)
  • The Fifth Peril’s Never Ending Loop That, If Reversed, Can Be Used To Consistently Accelerate Your Progress (Find out how on Page 39)
  • Why “Snowflake Syndrome” Is At The Heart Of Individual Inability To Get Results, And What It Means For You (Page 44 reveals all)
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Praise For JC And Stay Leaner, Longer

"This is something people NEED to read. JC tells you everything you need to know to not just LOSE fat, but to ensure you keep it off long-term, and that, in my opinion, is key.

And here's some more good news: it's simpler than you think to achieve and JC shows you exactly how - no guesswork required."

— Nia Shanks, | Lift Like A Girl

"This book is exactly what the fat loss industry needs.

Instead of writing yet another book on macro ratios, metabolic resistance training, or "one weird trick," JC goes after the heart of the matter. When looking to finally achieve your fat loss goals, the knowledge gap is a small part of the equation.

Anyone who actually works with people day in and day out knows that discussing mindset isn't touchy-feely woowoo. It's the only way to make real lifestyle change. Addressing the psychological frame is the missing link, and JC finally gives it the justice it deserves."

— Mark Fisher,

"Follow the wrong 'guru' or 'expert,' and your quest to get fit is going to end badly. Either you're going to see some results at the expense of your physical and mental well-being and eventually give up, 'realizing' that getting in shape is just too damn hard, or you're going to fail to see results and battle daily with frustration and anxiety until your patience finally expires.

It doesn't have to be like this, though. Building a strong, muscular, healthy body doesn't have to be confusing, grueling, or even inconvenient. You can enjoy the process and see steady changes week after week, calm in the knowledge that your ultimate goal is out there on the horizon, perfectly visible and attainable.

That's what this book is all about. In it, JC calmly shows you 6 of the biggest psychological pits of fitness failure and frustration that swallow up millions of people every year, and then shows you not just how to avoid them but the sensible, no-BS path to building the body of your dreams and enjoyable maintaining it for the rest of your life.

That last part is key, too. Getting and staying fit doesn't require that you 'sacrifice everything' or develop personality disorders. Read this book and you'll learn how to approach fitness in a way that not only guarantees long-term physical results but enhances your mental and emotional health as well."

— Mike Matthews, & Legion

"This book encapsulates everything I've ever wanted to teach and learn over the last decade. Had this been available in the industry earlier, it would have transformed the way that people think about fitness -- understanding how to change yourself for good.

That being said, I am very glad it's available now. Not only is it inspiring to me as a veteran coach and dieter, but I think that it could change the lives of every single person that reads it."

— Dick Talens, Co-Founder Fitocracy, Greatist's 94th Most Influential Health And Fitness Person

“Let us be clear: Stay Lean, Longer is a fitness and weight loss book that doesn’t actually offer any workouts, meal plans, or a miracle in a bottle. What it does offer are the reasons why weight loss is so hard for people and then the real, actionable steps that can be taken towards real, no-bullshit results.

The book does not hold the answers you necessarily want to hear, but they’re the answers that you and everybody you know who has ever ever struggled with weight loss needs to hear. Buy this book immediately for the good of cat-kind.”

— Stephanie Lee, Creator, Editor

“JC Deen gets it. You can have the exact right macronutrient ratio based on DEXA-analysis of body composition and DNA testing and a lifting routine that is precise down to the tenth of a pound and quarter of a rep none of it matters if you don’t get your mind right. The Cartesian dualiasm of mind and body is dead.

There is only the body part of which is the mind. Understanding that allows you to begin to consider the role your mind plays and only when you do that you can finally unlock your ultimate potential. Stay Leaner, Longer is the key."

— David Dellanave, World Record Jefferson Deadlift holder, author of Off The Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination

"JC doesn’t give any training protocols or diet regimens in this book. Instead, he gives us the honest, no-nonsense truths (and actionable steps) of how you can finally reach your fitness goals once and for all. Too many times, people take the wrong approach to fitness and end up getting frustrated about their short-term results. Fortunately, this book can lead you to the right path.

I honestly think that if more people got their hands on this book, we would have more transformation stories to talk about in this world. Stay Leaner, Longer will change the way you think about your fitness forever."

— Slyvon Blanco, Owner at Von Blanco Fitness and Personal Trainer at ARC Performance

"Most fitness books cling to the widely held belief that nutrition and exercise are the only keys to fitness success.

JC's book goes much deeper,
exploring the true source of failure and success - the mind. If you suffer from fitness TMI (too much information) and want to learn how to finally get fit once and for all - buy this book and let JC show you the way."

— Jay Scott, Host of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast 

"In his new work, JC is shedding light on the missing piece for many of us when it comes to consistently practicing positive fat loss and training behaviors: getting our mind right!

For me personally, this has been an eye-opening look into where my pitfalls are and why they keep happening over and over. I'm finally starting to focus on my mindset and my approach to consistency where my diet is concerned. Each time I see a peril crop up or realize that I am doing something on auto-pilot that will not drive me toward my goals, I stop and consider the behavior.

Although the hard work is in the execution of change, JC has helped boil down the mindset work into manageable chunks that can be practiced daily.

After white knuckling myself for years into "compliance", I'm starting to try self-trust, self-compassion, and focusing on laying down one brick at a time."

— Danielle Gallo, reader

"Apart from being one of the few trustworthy people in in the fitness industry, JC has touched on something that is often overlooked in this book. While most “gurus” are afraid to tell you that your mindset is responsible for 99% of your fitness results, JC has dedicated his career to it.

Instead of quick fixes or magic solutions — that never last — JC goes over the foundation of fitness, a secret all the lean people know —> habits, consistency, and mindset is more important than the latest “tips and tricks” (which are mostly just marketing angles meant to sell you something).

The powerful lessons covered in this book are made so simple and easy to apply into everyday life. And aside from getting and staying lean, these lessons can be attributed to attaining anything great in life.

I will be wholeheartedly recommending this book to friends and clients alike for a long time to come, because, trying to get lean without the right mindset is like building a house on a swamp."

— Alon Shabo, ACSM CPT

"So, you have all the technical knowledge in how to train and diet, but you still can't seem to get results? - So often it's the mental aspects, rather then the technical, that hold people back from achieving their physique goals.

JC Deen's book is the best and most applicable I've read on the subject. Highly recommended."

— Andy Morgan, Owner and Coach at


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    A PDF is the easiest and most understood format for most readers.

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  • Will Stay Leaner, Longer Solve All My Problems?

    Stay Leaner, Longer is not intended to be some kind of ‘fix all’ panacea. Instead, it will introduce you to the framework I use to help my clients and customers navigate their mental blocks, before overcoming them.

    Awareness is the first step.

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